Pepa Loba

Pepa Loba, Peto Externo de Planificación Antisistema e LOita Base Anticapitalista (External Box for Anti-Establishment Planning and Anti-Capitalist Base Struggle -by its acronym in Galician) is non-profit organization that arises under ECOAR)))’s framework, and is made up entirely of activists of various kinds and origins.


Pepa Loba is an independent financing tool that arises with the intention of defraying the costs of developing activities (campaigns, initiatives, projects) carried out in the field of creating alternatives and social response. At the same time, it aims to face the sanctions and other costs derived from the system’s mechanisms of repression and punishment.

The store

The items available in the Pepa Loba store have been thought and elaborated according to the values and principles that the association defends, with a special focus on the creation of critical, committed, creative and sustainable products.