The Pepa Loba store is a space where you can discover and purchase a series of items thought, designed and produced by Pepa Loba, attending to the values and principles defended by the association, with a special focus on the creation of critical, committed, creative and sustainable products.

The Pepa Loba store is a financing tool for the association. This means that every time you buy any of our items through the store, you allow Pepa Loba to continue paying the costs of developing activities (campaigns, initiatives, projects) carried out in the field of creating alternatives and social response, facing at the same time the sanctions and other costs derived from the mechanisms of repression and punishment of the system.

In addition, the articles in the Pepa Loba web store are produced according to the values and principles that govern the activity of the association (plural, critical, compromised, creative, emancipatory, responsible); We opt, whenever possible, for local manufacturing; We use preferably recycled materials; and we make our packaging according to basic criteria of sustainability and responsibility.

100% of the profits obtained from the sale of the different items are used to develop projects and actions of various kinds that make us walk towards a more fairer world.


If you have any questions about any of our products, you can contact us through the web form or by sending an email to 13editora@13editora.org.

  1. Register in the web store. For that, select My account in the upper right menu, and press the option Create an account. Fill out the questionnaire that will appear with your data (it is essential that you accept the Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy) and press Save. You will have already created the account to be able to place your orders. The next times you visit the Pepa Loba web store, you will only have to press the Sign In option in the upper right menu, and enter your access data. Every time you enter your account, you will have access to the data linked to it (shipping address, order history, payments, etc.).
  2. Once inside your session, select the product or products you want to purchase in the Store menu. Every time you select a product, you will access a page with all the information about it, from which you can choose the number of copies you want to buy.
  3. Then, press the Add to cart button. You will see that a new tab opens with the data of your selection. At that time you can indicate if you want to Continue shopping (in which case, you will return to the store, where you can select more products), or proceed to Finalize the purchase. In the latter case, a new page will open with the details of your purchase in which you must confirm that you want to proceed to Finalize the purchasee.
  4. A third page will open in which, in addition to completing your personal data, you must confirm the shipping method (and add any annotations that you consider necessary) and the payment method (accepting the Terms of Service).

The main advantage of registering in the Pepa Loba web store is that you will not have to enter your contact and payment information again every time you buy a product. When you register, your data is saved, so simply by logging into your account you can make purchases faster.

Of course! You can change your personal data at any time by accessing your personal account (https://tenda.pepaloba.org/gb/a-minha-conta), and modifying what you need in the Information and Address sections.

Pepa Loba's web store has a payment gateway that allows you to make your purchases using your credit card details safely.

All payments made within the framework of the Pepa Loba web store are safe. The purchase process is carried out on servers with an SSL encrypted connection (HTTPS), through a payment gateway certified by Redsys. Therefore, we do not store users' bank details.

Yes. In case you need an invoice, you can request it by sending an email to 13editora@13editora.org, with the subject INVOICE REQUEST (make sure you have completed the questionnaire with all the precise data).

Additionally, all shipments include a printed copy of the proof of purchase.


All the products of the Pepa Loba store are sent through Postal Service.

Pepa Loba proceeds to send all the products ordered by the clients once a week. For this reason, depending on the day you place your order, the delivery time may be longer or shorter. In any case, your order will always arrive in less than 10 days, except for causes beyond our operation.

If you want to know the price of the shipping costs of your purchase, you simply have to select the material or materials you want to purchase, and they will be added automatically. Even so, for any question related to this point, please do not hesitate to contact us by writing to 13editora@13editora.org, and request information on the specific shipping conditions.

In relation to delivery times, for shipments outside the Spanish state they are variable depending on the country.

There are two possibilities. In case you want to return an item purchased through the Pepa Loba web store because you no longer have interest in it or because it does not meet your needs, you can request the collection of it within a maximum period of 48 hours from the time of receipt. Once we have the item back, we will proceed to refund the amount. In this case, you are responsible for all return (resendt) shipping charges.

In case the item received is in poor condition at the time of receipt, you can request that we exchange it for one in good condition. Thus, you will have 48 hours from the moment of receipt of the same to request the change, by sending us an email to 13editora@13editora.org with the subject REQUEST FOR ARTICLE CHANGE, in which the data referring to it and the reason for the change appear. In this case, both the collection and shipping costs of the new item will be borne by Pepa Loba.

Do not forget to check your purchase well before confirming!

If after ten days from the moment of purchase you have not received your order, please contact us by sending an email to 13editora@13editora.org, specifying DELAYED SHIPPING in the subject.

The final amount of your shipment will be calculated automatically during the purchase process, depending on the item or items you have chosen. The shipping price, therefore, is variable.

The sale of products is an important source of financing for Pepa Loba. Thus, you allow us to continue working independently in the construction of alternatives and social response, facing sanctions and other costs derived from the mechanisms of repression and punishment of the system, and acting in solidarity with groups and people who do not have the means necessary, both for dissemination and financing, to be able to carry out campaigns that cover these fields by themselves.

By paying the shipping costs, you allow 100% of the amount of the products you buy to be allocated to campaigns, actions, projects and initiatives focused on the construction of a global system based on justice, ethics and dignity.

No, unless you specify so at the time of purchase.

The amount of the shipments depends on their weight. For this reason, there will be a price difference between two packages that include one and three books, for example. In purchases of two or more items, the final amount of shipping costs is calculated by adding the individual amount of each of the items, based on their weight.

Once the purchase is made, you will receive a tracking code provided by the Postal Service with which you will be able to know at any time where your order is.


You can find all the answers about the treatment of your data (who manages them, how they are obtained, what are the security measures used, etc.) by consulting our Privacy Policy.

If you have any other questions or comments, please, do not hesitate to contact us through the web form or by sending an email to 13editora@13editora.org.